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June 17, 2015

A New Partnership for SAGE Metro St. Louis

The right partners make us stronger--and SAGE Metro St. Louis has found a terrific one in PROMO Fund (the 501(c)3 Missouri Equality Organization). After a year and half of strategic planning, these two organizations are set to merge on July 1, 2015, creating a stronger, more capable organization to provide SAGE’s core programs of information and referral, advocacy, and community education to the entire state of Missouri.

Though the July 1 merger will mark an important change, SAGE and PROMO Fund have already been working as partners for years. In collaborating over the past 4 years on the LGBT Health Policy and Training Project, we've recognized our common goal of improving the quality of life of LGBT Missourians across the life span.

PROMO Fund's Executive Director AJ Bockelman described the power of the merger, saying "By combing the forces of PROMO Fund and SAGE, we can better utilize our resources and continue meeting the needs of the community on a broader basis."

AJ Bockelman of Promo Fund, Supreme Court Plaintiff Jim Obergefell, and Sherrill Wayland of SAGE Metro St. Louis

That broader work will include establishing a model of community outreach and education that helps ensure access to quality and inclusive LGBT services for all Missourians--wherever they live. SAGE's healthy aging framework offers a great foundation for this task. 

It's also exciting to note that this merger marks the first time a SAGE affiliate has merged with a statewide organization. As Michael Adams, SAGE's Executive Director, described it, “At the heart of the SAGE vision is maximizing the positive impact we can have on behalf of LGBT older adults. By joining forces, SAGE Metro St. Louis and PROMO Fund will ensure that they have the greatest possible impact for LGBT older people across the State of Missouri.”

We're excited that with this new partnership comes new opportunities across the state to establish and grow the SAGE aging service referral network, as well as our social support and community education programs. PROMO Fund will also continue to grow its LGBT Health and Public Policy program to promote LGBT inclusive policies and training to organizations across the state.

We live in exciting times for LGBT equality. But the fight for equality is far from over. By joining forces with PROMO Fund we strengthen our voices for LGBT equality.  This new partnership makes us stronger, more impactful, and more able to create lasting change. It's the start of a terrific new chapter. 

-- Posted by Sherrill Wayland, Deputy Director, SAGE of Promo Fund



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