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March 29, 2013

SAGE Women’s Programming in New York City

Felicia Sobel, LCSW

Every Friday in March, which is Women’s History Month, the SAGE Blog is featuring posts by and about LGBT older women. Links to previous entries are at the end of this post. Today’s entry in our Women's History Month series is by Felicia Sobel, LCSW, Women’s Programming Coordinator. She came to SAGE in June 2011 with the goal of expanding programs for women.

When I had the opportunity to become a SAGE employee, I was hardly new to the community, but in my new role as Women’s Programming Coordinator, I was delighted to invest my energy in a project near and dear to my heart—the development and facilitation of events and programs designed specifically for LGBT older women in and around New York City.

My goal was to create an array of events and programs to reflect the breadth of interests I knew this population represented.  Too often, aging is equated with decline and diminishing strengths. On the contrary, growing older means reaching a life stage where friendships deepen, values intensify, goals (old and new) crystallize, wisdom emerges and interests often flourish.

Jan. 2013 Women's Dance

The knowledge that we continue to grow as we advance in years led me to begin a discussion group for women, “Our Evolving Lives.”  Since its start almost two years ago, it has drawn many women who enjoy discussing their accomplishments, current lives, and concerns and dreams about the future.  Another group I facilitate began as a forum in which women discussed relationships of all kinds; they now address many other issues affecting their lives.  A third women’s group is self-facilitated and, as in the other weekly groups, the members choose topics for the sessions themselves. Friendships have been forged in these groups, all of which have cohered in a comfortable, nurturing environment.

In addition to discussion groups, SAGE offers parties for women held periodically throughout year, as well as the popular Women’s Dances and stimulating educational-cultural events.

Here’s a sample of some upcoming women’s programs and events:

  • A new, innovative SAGE project, sponsored by the federal Office on Women’s Health and the Lewin Group, will address healthy weight in the older lesbian-bisexual population. This long-term program, being launched in early April, will begin with two focus groups, one for women with their own weight concerns, the other for caregivers of women with weight issues. If interested in the caregivers’ focus group (Wednesday, April 3, at 5:30 pm at SAGE), please contact me at 212-741-2808. The weight program will provide education and intervention to assist women wishing to improve their weight level and maximize their health.
  • A women’s workshop on how to meet other women via the Internet will be held on Saturday, April 6, from 2:00 – 4:00 pm in the The SAGE David Bohnett Cyber Center at 305 Seventh Avenue, 15th Floor, NYC. 
  • SAGE’s next Women’s Dance on Sunday, April 21, marks the 30th anniversary of these popular dances.  This one will be held at the Club LQ in Manhattan (go to the Events page for details/tickets).
  • Lesbiana—A Parallel Revolution, a new film about the lesbian movement of the 80s, will be screened at The SAGE Center on Sunday, May 19, at 2:00 pm. Some of the women in the film, including the groundbreaking singer Alix Dobkin, will be there to discuss the film and that important period.

For further information about women’s programming please contact me at: fsobel@sageusa.org or 212-741-2808. And visit the SAGE calendar to stay up to date on the latest women’s events.



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I attend the Tuesday night group run by Felicia and it is excellent. I highly recommend other women come and share. Felicia is a wonderful moderator. This group is now a part of my regular weekly schedule.

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