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February 19, 2013

Don’t Just Look for a Job: Three Ways to Pursue Your Passions

We are all either looking for a job or know someone who is.  Our nation’s “poor economy” has made headlines daily, serving as a depressing reminder for those who are out of work or want to leave a job that’s just not a good fit.

For those of us left empty handed after months of searching, rewriting resumes and networking with everyone we begin to think:

“I need a job. I’ll take anything!”


STOP right there.  Jim Arnoff, a career and life coach for SAGEWorks, says that a job is not what you need to chase. What you should pursue are your own personal passions!

This seems to go against advice out there that encourages job seekers to “deliberately stretch yourself past your comfort zone.”  Jim supports this and adds that by pursuing your passions you will be more fulfilled and more willing to stretch yourself to learn new skills — rather than feeling forced to in order to get or keep a job.

So, how do you pursue your career passions? The secret is to envision your passions in vivid detail and declare them with conviction. Jim shares three simple ways to do this:

Write Them Down

And not by yourself. Get a passion buddy to bounce ideas off of and gain clarity (someone who is non-judgmental and will embrace fully what you want to pursue). As you write down your passions, be sure they are very, very specific. Use high energy/high impact words. The benefits to writing down and declaring your passions are that you bring them to life and gain clarity.  There is something powerful in getting what is in your head onto paper.

Let Go of All Limitations

Free yourself of those nagging thoughts of “how is this going to happen?”  Stop creating obstacles in your head. Instead, allow yourself to think freely and openly. You’ll find a way after you’ve brought your passions alive! The single biggest obstacle to achieving what you truly want in your career is to focus on “the how” too quickly.

Be Fluid

Feel free to change steps/ideas as you move forward and learn more about yourself and your passions. Nothing is etched in stone. Make a work-in-progress 1st draft, a 2nd, a 3rd... However many you need.  Revisit the draft often.

Once you know your passions with incredible specificity, you’ll be equipped with a whole new set of tools to empower you to move forward in your career exploration.

Want to learn more?  Attend Jim’s training for SAGEWorks “Envisioning Your Ideal Career, Creating an Action Plan to Get There” on Tuesday March 12 and March 26 from 12:30-1:45 pm.  For more information or to RSVP, e-mail Zoraida or call (212) 741-2247 ext. 224 

About SAGEWorks.  SAGEWorks is a national work readiness program for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender mature workers (ages 40 and older) who need or want to return to the work place. The mission of SAGEWorks is to improve the capacity of LGBT older adults to remain productive, vital and contributing members of the nation's work force.


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